Corporate Plans & Services is a full-service retirement plan consulting and third party administration firm for qualified retirement plans.  Our clients rely on us to provide the services necessary for the successful operation of their qualified retirement plans.  We provide administrative services for small to medium-sized companies.  We have plans with one participant and plans with several hundred participants.  Over the years, we have serviced clients all over the United States. 

Corporate Plans & Services, located in Mooresville, NC, was established in October 1971 to provide administrative services for Qualified Retirement Plans implemented by customers of the Connecticut Mutual Insurance Co. Agency in Charlotte, NC.  By 1985, we had grown and were no longer part of the Connecticut Mutual agency.  However, that background provided a wealth of experience in the design and implementation of a wide variety of retirement plans. 

Through the years, we have seen many changes in the field of retirement plans.  We have undergone many changes as a company.  One thing has remained the same, however.  We value the relationships we form with our clients and strive to give each one personal service tailored to their specific needs.  We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy, and our clients are never “just a number.”  We desire to work with you to design a retirement plan that is cost-effective and attractive to both you and your employees.

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